Robyn Maltz



Robyn is a Black Belt Nia Instructor and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LICSW). Nia is a movement program that brings deep awareness of the body and a connection to ones inner self. Nia is a joyful form of dance that  promotes body strength, agility, flexibility and mobility. It is easy to practice and is appropriate for all levels of fitness. Robyn has been a Nia teacher for 28 years. She uses the principles of somatic healing and self compassion to inform her teaching in her classes and workshops. Robyn is also a clinical social worker and somatic healer. Her current workshop series Flowing Older – Learning to Empower Yourself Throughout The Life Cycle will be offered again in January 2024.

Dancing with Robyn brings me such joy. It truly helps me in terms of achieving full alignment of my body, mind and spirit. Dancing with Robyn helps to energize my body, clear my mind and free my soul which in turn helps me to feel more balanced. I wish I lived closer so, I could have this experience more often. Be Soul is a unique form of dance which allows me to just be myself and feel a deep sense of peace. It helps me to visualize all my possibilities. When I leave her class, I feel a sense of rebirth, like I can achieve anything that I put my mind, body and spirit into!

Liz C

Robyn opens her heart to her students in every class, and in so doing teaches us how to do the same. She guides us to greater awareness and connection to our bodies, to each other, and to a sense of wellness and peace.

Debra S.

Debra S

I drop into Robyn Maltz’s Be Soul classes whenever I can.  Robyn creates an atmosphere of acceptance and joy that always lifts my spirit.  I am not a dancer, but when I am in Be Soul, I feel free to move my body with the class and I know that there are no judgments.  Be Soul always lifts my spirits and helps me to realize that there is a place I can go to be in community with others who want to share their joy and express themselves through dance and movement.

Lori D

Robyn’s classes are a gift I give to myself as often as possible. Robyn draws upon her wealth and depth of expertise in the field of somatic movement education to deliver a complete and satisfying holistic body.mind.spirit practice. Robyn radiates warmth, acceptance, freedom and fun! She dances from her heart and encourages her class to explore their own movement potential and connect to joy in the body. I am grateful to come into class, feel my feet on the ground and take my first breath. Exhaling to leave I feel less stressed, relaxed, conditioned, a sense of community and love myself a little bit more. Dancing with Robyn is a highlight of my week!

Audrey A

Dancing Be Soul (aka NIA) with Robyn Maltz is a great blessing in my life!  

Marguerite R.

Marguerite R

With grace, deep insight, humor, and terrific music, Robyn teaches us to go within ourselves physically and emotionally to express ourselves in joyful dance. Robyn’s BeSoul class is not only an exhilarating workout, but also a liberating experience of acceptance and knowledge. Who knew that a dance class could be so transcendent?

Jennifer L

I’ve been taking classes with Robin Maltz for close to 20 years. Robin is one of, if not THE most gifted teachers I’ve ever danced with. Robin brings more than dance expertise to her classes. She teaches her students how to incorporate spirit and soul into our lives and dance routines. I think I speak for most of her students when I say we ALWAYS leave her classes feeling present, uplifted and energized with positive and optimistic energy. In four words…ROBIN IS THE BEST!

Beverly D.

Beverly D

I was first introduced to Nia/BeSoul when I took a class with Robyn Maltz over 5 years ago at Laughing Dog Yoga (LDY). I always loved to dance, but had never done Nia before. Being introduced to this new-to-me dance class through Robyn was such an amazing experience. I immediately loved both the class and the instructor and have been going to LDY ever since, primarily taking Nia/BeSoul classes and yoga. All of the instructors at LDY are wonderful, but Robyn holds a special place in my heart. She is warm, giving, insightful, kind, a great dancer, instructor and leader. No matter how I feel when I walk in the class, I always leave feeling joyful and connected to the LDY community. I am so grateful that I found this oasis of happiness in Wellesley. You will be too

Valerie K

Dancing with Robyn in  BeSoul  is an emotional and physical embrace for the entire hour. It’s a work-out for both body and spirit.  I can’t wait for the next class!

Jan C.

Jan C