Samantha Cameron

Vinyasa Yoga, Astrology


Samantha is an international E-RYT-500 Yoga instructor, with a Masters in Dance from UCLA.   She is the creator of Shakti Yoga and a professional Astrologer She instructs Yoga/Dance and Dance of the Wisdom Body at Wellesley College.

She says – “My joy in teaching comes from the heart space of sharing and learning with others.  I love that the root meaning of to educate is ‘educere’ ~meaning to lead out.’  This has been a deeply satisfactory two-way-metaphysical lead much of my life.  The richly expansive experiences of Yoga, as well as dance, both as student, and teacher have helped heal and transform my life. The celebratory two-way exchange of student and teacher offers new and wider perception, layered wisdom, and shared understanding. There are many reasons to practice Yoga, and together we unveil more.  When you enter class, I ask what you need.  It is a moment for you to pause and ask yourself what your body needs, what emotion and mind hunger for.  Together, we explore and move from prevailing planetary energies, releasing emotional blocks that have tightened muscles.  We use mudras, and pranayama that subtly connect to healing possibility, informing us of greater self-acceptance. I offer gratitude to the amazing teachers who chose to ‘educere’ me over the years, especially my students who continue to be my greatest teachers.”

“I am most familiar with Samantha, (goddess of love!), although all instructors at LDY are truly amazing. Gentle, personal guidance is offered as well as alternatives for poses that may challenge, allowing all to participate according to ability.  Samantha adds further dimension and illumination by incorporating the influence of the moon and planets to our practice, magnifying and enriching their power and opportunity.  In fact, she writes an incredible weekly email to each of her students shedding light on such mysteries and on the promise of transformation through yoga.  

It is the dedicated and inspirational leaders like Samantha that elevate LDY studio to the top in the area. “

Karin R.

“Samantha Cameron’s yoga classes at Laughing Dog Yoga are physically challenging.  She encourages students to move beyond imagined limits and consider the work as a “five year plan”.  You find yourself trying things that may be outside of your comfort zone.  Samantha teaches with great warmth, humor and grace, connecting with every person in the room.  Our Wednesday afternoon class feels like a welcoming circle of friends.”

Patrice S.

“Samantha Cameron curates a beautiful yoga practice.  Her classes are challenging, inspiring, imaginative, and exceptional.  She has a dedicated following at Laughing Dog Yoga because she nurtures her students, cultivates relationships, and builds community.  I am grateful to be one of Samantha’s lucky disciples who soak up her heartfelt and lighthearted gifts of love, support, and yoga prowess.”

Sue S.

“Samantha is absolutely fantastic! She has extraordinary experience as a yoga instructor and her cues and direction are really great. She has an incredibly ability to guide through 6-8 pose sequences on each side with seamless transitions.  Her practice is always lighthearted and fun. After a long and high stress day I look forward to her Wednesday night class to open, empty and align anew.”

Ken G.

“For the past three years, my Wednesday evenings have been brightened by Samantha’s vinyasa class. Her class is unlike any other class I have taken before, and I always leave feeling that my body, mind, and my spirit have been refreshed. I would wholeheartedly recommend her class to anyone despite their age and experience level.”

Julia B.

“Samantha Cameron’s gentle attention to breath awareness, mudras, and the power of inversion has guided me to expand my practice.  She is one of the most encouraging of teachers, compassionately pressing me to extend my reach and yoga experience.  She guides me in bringing balance and mindfulness into my own life outside of the studio.”

Horace A.

“Samantha does a brilliant job of combining the spiritual with the practical in her yoga classes.  Each class has a theme based on astrology and she works her students to best handle any challenges expected in the upcoming days.  The practical ensures each student is using the correct form for the poses.  She has a pleasant, outgoing personality that keep the students coming back class after class.  The neck massage at the end of class is worth all the work put in the prior 75 minutes.”

Jeff S.