Renata Loree


Renata Loree

Renata has been practicing yoga for over 20 years to help her find a better option to heal her aching back. After years of running, aerobics and other sports she found yoga as a better option that fit her lifestyle. She started practicing with many wonderful teachers and eventually completed her 200 hr teacher training at Yoga center Amherst. She started teaching at Yogaspot in Wellesley in 2001 and eventually became it’s owner. After few years of conducting business she realized that her passion lied more in teaching and being creative as an artist and she closed down the studio. Presently, she is teaching and conducting workshops in studios in the Boston area, as well as enjoying a career as an artists. She resides in Newburyport most of the time.

Renata has developed her own style of yoga that focusses on slow movement, with continuous attention on engaging the body fully. She starts end ends her classes with deep stretches and seated postures. The class is very challenging and demanding of students attention with the emphases on transitions between postures, rather then holding postures for a long time. And thus she opted to call her class An Engaging Flow.

“Renata is a gifted yogi of remarkable internal drive, whose power, flexibility and strength is astonishing and inspirational. She has elevated my practice by insisting I play well above my game.  Inside that strong body is a gentle and loving heart that extends outward to all of her students.”

Horace A.