Love Your Body Month

April & May 2019


We are declaring April & May “Love Your Body” Month!

During the months of April & May, we will be offering a series of fun events, workshops & classes that focus on what it means to truly love, accept and appreciate our bodies and ultimately ourselves. We will be touching on self-care, positive intention, inner strength, forgiveness and sharing practical ways to enhance our sense of well-being, appreciation and connection.

Schedule of events:

artist, Robin OkunMon. 4/1- 7-8:30p – Love Your Body Month Opening Event
Showcasing the beautiful artwork of Robin Okun. This will be a chance to meet workshop/class presenters and hear what they will be offering throughout April & May. Robin O. will give a brief Artist’s Talk, that includes a somatic experience in relation to her paintings.

Jenny Schneider, YogaFri. 4/5 – 5:15-6:30p Body Love/ Yoga Nidra w/ Jenny Schneider (regular class with a Love Your Body theme) – use class card or drop-in for $20.
A practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry that calms the nervous system, releases negative emotions and cultivates a sense of well-being.

Fri. 4/12 – 12:30-2:30p – Sexuality & Aging: Thriving In Your Second Spring w/ Kira Hower
This two hour workshop is designed for women who want to build their sexual energy and vitality beyond menopause.

Nia, Dance, Be Soul at Laughing Dog Yoga in Wellesley, Great Dance, Zumba WellesleySun. 4/14 – 11-12:15p – Love Your Body Nia JAM
w/ variety of Nia teachers (Robyn, Audrey, Amy, Jenny) – use class card or drop-in for $20

Nia Classes with a Love your Body theme

Sat. 4/20 – 12:30-2:30p – Love Your Sacred Body thru Movement, Essential Oils & Positive Intention – Pt. 1 w/ Robyn Maltz & Jennifer Harvey
We will start in the first workshop with the mind – acknowledging the inner critic and how the critic can be transformed into a loving voice.

Marissa FarrellTues. 4/23-Tues. 5/14 – 6:45-8:15p – 4-wk InHara Practice Series
A transformational practice developed by Marissa Farrell and designed specifically for women for healing her creative center and invigorating her life.

Sun. 4/28 – 12:30-2:30p – Love Your Sacred Body thru Movement, Essential Oils & Positive Intention – Pt. 2 w/ Robyn & Jennifer
We will explore our body through the stories that we have told ourselves about ourselves. The intention is to create a new narrative that is loving and positive.

Leslie ApplebySat. 5/4 – 12:30-2:30p – Love Your Body, Love Your Life w/ Leslie Appleby

Learn simple ways to care for your body to enhance your life on a daily basis! Create a daily routine around the theme of Loving your Body.

Sat. 5/11- 12:30-2:30p – Love Your Sacred Body thru Movement, Essential Oils & Positive Intention – Pt. 3 w/ Robyn & Jennifer

We will explore forgiveness as a pathway to spiritual growth.

Sun. 5/12 – 3-4:30p – Love Your Body Closing Event
Fundraiser for The Pad Project. We will showing “Period. End of Sentence” Documentary and also have time for everyone who has participated in the LOVE YOUR BODY month to share their experiences.