Mary Kaye Chryssicas


Mary Kaye Chryssicas

Mary Kaye is known for her authentic, playful, compassionate teaching style and weaves story telling, meditations and wisdom into her classes. Trained by the best, she has taught yoga for 18 years and published three books: I Love Yoga, Breathe and Yoga for Teens which won several awards. Whether teaching children, teens or adults, be prepared to laugh and feel much better! She loves yoga because it allows her to put her leg behind her head and eat more cupcakes! She has three children, two French bulldogs and a husband.

“Mary Kaye is a gifted yoga teacher for teens and children. My daughter began taking classes when she was nine and loved it. Now a teenager Lindsey continues to love MK’s gentle and fun demeanor. Not a huge athlete, my daughter appreciates Mary Kaye’s sensitive nature and always feels like her body is stronger after class. As a mom, I feel good that she is participating with a group that is supportive, where balance and health is valued. Lindsey is more confident, sleeps better and is more focused after attending yoga with Mary Kaye. 
Many thanks MK.”

Julie G.

“My son has been taking yoga from Mary Kay for the past 4 years.  He has fairly significant learning disabilities, but really wanted to try yoga.
She is amazing.  She is patient, kind, encouraging and finds ways to always make him feel comfortable and successful.  He loves going, and even though he is often the only boy, he is not the least bit self-conscious.  It has made a huge difference in his ability to relax, control his stress and manage migraines.  I am thrilled that he has found a passion for yoga, and a teacher whose primary motivation is to be sure he loves yoga.  I cannot recommend Mary Kay highly enough!”

Laurel L.

“Mary Kaye and yoga are the best gifts I have ever given myself.   For many reasons,  I was apprehensive about walking into a yoga studio.  As a women in my forties, I was overweight , inflexible, not athletic, no yoga experience and lacked the confidence to put myself out there.  My daughter took Mary Kaye ‘s classes in elementary school.  During my daughter’s junior year she had an infection that almost took her life, academic stress, and goals to play sports in college  — the stress was overwhelming.  When we realized life needed to slow down, we both knew what she needed– Mary Kaye. Those  yoga sessions not only changed her life, they transformed mine.  I attended a private lesson  and realized how great I felt but shared with Mary Kaye that I would never attend a public class.  She encouraged me to attend her Thursday night class and assured me I could do it.  Weeks passed and for some reason I was feeling brave. I texted Mary Kaye who encouraged me to come to class. I have never looked back.  Yoga has changed me. I am stronger than I ever thought  possible, both mentally and physically. I have the confidence to try yoga anywhere, and for the first time in my life, am a healthy weight. I had been dieting for 40 years but recognizing that healthy living is as much mental as physical is what helped. Thanks to Mary Kaye and yoga, I get better every day, a work in progress, but much better.”

Kara S.

“We love Mary Kaye!  She does an amazing job teaching to both of our girls…one who is in Kid yoga and the other one is in Teen yoga.  Not only is the class age and skill level appropriate but Mary Kaye keeps it fun with live music, aromatic oils during the end of class, and discussion of topics like mindful eating.  Also, they walk out of class relaxed and ready to focus on homework.”

Ann K.

“Encouraging, friendly, informative, and full of peace, Mary Kaye promotes and guides all on a positive path by cultivating an aura of ease. MK is especially great with teenage girls offering intimate, personal support that builds their confidence and awareness. Equal part new best friend and mentor, she’s a great fit for both young and old(er).”

John S.

“I love going to Mary Kaye’s classes because I know I will be able to relax and have fun. She fills the room with her positive energy and makes the class about where each student is in their yoga journey. I appreciate her ability to keep me focused, while also allowing me not to take myself too seriously. To me, that is the Zen balance.” 

Karen H.