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Meditation, Laughing Dog Yoga
Introduction to Meditation

This introduction offers practical instruction in the practice of Insight Meditation. Through seated meditation practice, discussion, and light postural yoga, the class will explore the relationship between our physical yoga practice and the mindfulness of a seated meditation practice. You will develop the confidence and tools to establish your own meditation practice as the foundation for healthy reflection, clear intention, and a positive attitude for the ongoing improvement of your life. Appropriate for beginner and continuing students; and missing one class is fine, but missing none is divine! Offered at different times throughout the year. This intro is offered 2x a year. Check Workshop Page for updates.

Weekly Open Meditation

The benefits of meditation are many. It is a practice of self-awareness and compassion. It helps release tension and stress, improves mental focus and helps connect you to your creativity and hearts desire. This weekly class is meant to encourage a regular meditation practice w/ clear application to your daily life. Like the Intro to Meditation, this class will give you the tools to establish your own practice. Each class will include meditation instruction & practice and some conversation about the history & philosophies of the practice. This is the perfect way to begin or resume a lifetime of meditation and connect to a community of meditators at the studio and throughout the world.

Yin Yoga/Meditation

A quiet and contemplative practice that promotes greater circulation, increased joint mobility, flexibility and relaxation. Learn meditation practices that develop awareness of one’s deeper nature through observation of mind and sensation.

Yoga Stretch / Yoga Nidra

This class blends 40 min. of Yoga Stretch and 35 min. of iRest® Yoga Nidra – a practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry that calms the nervous system, releases negative emotions/thought patterns and cultivates a profound sense of well-being. Yoga Nidra is the meditative heart of yoga and means “yogic sleep” – the experience of being completely relaxed, in a sleeplike state and at the same time awake and aware of a vast, peaceful, unchanging field of being that never sleeps and is always present even with the changing circumstances of life. Pretty Amazing!! 

TIMBo (Trauma Informed Mind Body Program)

TIMBo combines facilitated discussion, simple yoga-like movements, relaxation breathing, guided meditation, and a workbook-based approach to explore and better understand the impact of emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, and grief. Research has shown that upon completion of one full TIMBo program, participants’ symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma (PTSD) are significantly lower. Not only this, but women score significantly higher on a measure of self-compassion after participation in the program as compared to before.

TIMBo creates new neurological, emotional and behavioral responses to internal and external stress triggers by working across five dimensions:

  • improved behavioral self-regulation through mindfulness
  • a self-compassionate understanding of human survival responses
  • social-emotional growth that promotes compassionate attunement to the self and to others
  • strengthening the sense of self and promoting confidence in relationships
  • developing a resilient worldview that enables participants to interact with life’s problems with composure and confidence

This program is on Zooom only and runs for 9 weekly sessions, the first of which is an orientation. Check Workshop Page for updates. For questions contact Jennifer Harvey –

Natural Solutions with Essential Oils

Have you heard of Melaleuca (tea tree) Oil, Lavender Oil, Frankincense Oil, Wild Orange Oil? These are all essential oils. Found and stored in plants, essential oils are naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds that give a plant its fragrance, protect the plant and play a role in plant pollination.
When extracted, the oils – with their natural, intrinsically healing and protective qualities – can be used in personal care, cleaning and health-care products as a safe, natural solution and alternative to chemical and pharmaceutical brands. Workshops offered throughout the year on the benefits and uses of doTERRA essential oils. Check Workshop Page for updates.

The InHara Practice

This 4-wk InHara Practice (or as some call it – The Vagina Workshop) is a transformational practice developed by Marissa Farrell and designed specifically for women for healing her creative center and invigorating her life.

The word Hara stands for the soft abdomen in Japanese. The InHara Practice is a system of movement for women to reconnect with the most primal portion of her body, within her pelvis.

During this 4-wk workshop, women will move through a specific sequence of “exercises” to connect with, tone, invigorate, and juice up the abdominal walls and pelvic floor. Immediate results have been: a stronger center and lift to a sagging pelvic floor. Long term results have included: re-lifting of prolapsed pelvic organs, vibrant sexual health, greater knowledge and confidence in your sexuality, and a renewal of the upward fountain of your creative drive. This program is for all women, at any age and at any stage of her life. Check Workshop Page for updates.