Kathy Mongeau

Yoga, Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant


Yoga led Kathy on a transformational journey from the moment she began to practice. The impact of that experience, more than a decade ago, gave her a new outlook on life and furthered self-realization. After having studied with numerous teachers, she found that the Anusara Yoga methodology resonated in her heart and was compatible with her knowledge of anatomy. She believes that by receiving tools that are physically healing and spiritually uplifting her students benefit in ways that can enhance their wellbeing and overall quality of life. She is also is an avid student and evolving teacher of the healing Science of Ayurveda and is a Kripalu trained/certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant Certification.


“For years, I would pass Laughing Dog Yoga and would see people carrying yoga mats. I must admit, I felt a little intimidated to try a class. When I began working part-time, I decided to put my fears aside and try Laughing Dog. The first class I took was Kathy’s. From the moment I sat on the mat, I was hooked. Kathy’s class is the perfect balance between relaxation, flow, stretching and strength. Her class is completely accessible for beginners or more advanced. She has helped me grow with my practice and use the tools I have learned in class to keep me balanced throughout the week. I highly recommend this class for all levels. It will not disappoint!”   

Hope S.

“Kathy’s Wednesday morning class is perfect for practiced students and for those still in the early stages of practice.  Her cues for alignment in postures are helpful to seasoned and learning students and her hands on adjustments to correct student’s postures are very helpful.  I always enjoy the music she chooses to accompany class.  Her routines are varied so classes are always “new”.  Kathy is a calming and compassionate teacher and I always leave her class ready for what the day may bring.”

Betsy A.

I currently attend Kathy Yoga/All Levels. This class is incredibly diverse in terms of skill level. There is an amazing lady, who is in her 80’s, and can PLANK with any one. There are several people like me (average practitioners) and then there are a few who could teach their own class. They possess amazing yoga skills and it is a humbling experience to share a class with them. Kathy each week takes this varied group and provides each and every student a top notch yoga experience regardless of their individual skill level. You know this to be true by seeing how many of them return each week for more.

Jeff V