Jennifer Cooper


Jennifer Cooper

E-RYT 200 Jennifer teaches Yoga Stretch, Vinyasa Yoga, R&R Yoga, Yoga for PD, MS & Dystonia as well as monthly R&R Yoga with Sound Bath – all with an Iyengar influence. Jennifer’s classes are challenging yet forgiving offering something for every body. All levels of students strengthen and stretch their muscles, tendons and fascia while releasing physical and emotional tension.

Yoga Stretch classes are primarily floor work concentrating on the lengthening of the body. Vinyasa Yoga combines stretch with muscular challenge and balance while R&R Yoga and Sound Bath Yoga are pure relaxation. Yoga for PD, MS & Dystonia is a slow paced class incorporating a variety of props including chairs for support.

Through intelligent sequencing and exacting anatomical cues, you will find openings and space in your body and mind. Come and be prepared to approach Yoga with new enthusiasm. Students leave with greater body awareness, increased self confidence and a sense of inner peace.

“I have been practicing yoga for about 13 years now, and in all that time Jennifer has been the best yoga instructor that I have experienced. I had a shoulder and knee injury prior to practicing with Jennifer.  She has helped those injuries recover to the best extent possible.  You always know you are safe in her class.  Her careful instructions about the proper position and posture keep you safe at all times.  You can come into Jennifer’s class feeling tired or sore, and you walk out feeling refreshed.  You often feel like you have just walked out of a spa.  She generates a wonderful spirit in her classes.  She plays great music, she has a soothing voice, she ends with a gentle touch with china gel, and an often perfect quote.  She has a ritual that is the final closing of the class that reminds us all of the importance of compassion, and at key moments in my life, I have heard Jennifer’s voice in my mind with that message. When I go on vacation, I can’t wait to get back to her class.  I design my work week around being able to come to her lunchtime classes on Monday and Wednesday, and it is well worth the effort.  In short, I feel enormously grateful to have Jennifer in my life.  She is nothing short of wonderful.”

Lisa A.

“I have been in Jennifer’s STRETCH class for a couple years now and I find her to be knowledgeable about yoga and very careful to protect students from injury by repeated warnings. She explains not only how to do the pose, but the purpose of it and how to do it safely. Jennifer welcomes questions at any time during the class, because she knows that if one person has a question, it is likely others may as well. This has never been a problem, because her explanations are always extensive, comprehensive and very clear. She offers variety in poses, so the class never is without an interesting turn.

I appreciate her repetition of instructions, reflecting the fact that students often need a reminder of important points in a pose, and there are often many elements to the pose. Without such reminders, people can easily make mistakes or have bad form, so these reminders are valuable.

Jennifer clearly enjoys teaching, practicing yoga, and communicating with the students. Often the class ends with an enthusiastic thanks to her from people who have enjoyed the class, and felt value from it.

For me in particular, I value her very clear, audible instructions; she projects well and I am able to hear and understand her instructions well.  She is personable and communicates her concern and care for her students.”

Susan K.

“As a dedicated yoga practitioner, Jenn’s class creates a balance to my other classes. She has a clean clear approach to the yoga body and mind. She emphasizes alignment throughout her class, and additionally the class works toward achieving an advanced pose. Her challenges do not leave students frustrated that they cannot achieve, but honors what we can do. She teaches humility and acceptance. Each class we achieve what our mind and bodies allow us to achieve that day, and we leave ready to continue the work in our practice. Her classes provide a great opportunity to learn grow no matter what your level.”

Sandy T.

“Jennifer is a gifted teacher who has provided me with insights into proper alignment and posture, helping me to overcome and avoid  injury.  She emphasizes how yoga is accessible to everyone of all ages and genders. Thoughtful, sometime provocative, her mental and physical balance has challenged me to greater control and stamina. Her classes always engage my interest and I always leave feeling I have achieved a deeper connection to my own practice.”

Horace A.