Andrea Fotopoulos


Andrea Fotopoulos

Andrea is an Anusara-Inspired Yoga teacher with over 9 years of teaching experience and 1000 hrs of combined training and practice experience under the guidance of some of Anusara’s most senior Certified Teachers. She is committed to the artful practice of yoga as it applies to our experiences on the mat and in our lives. Her high aim is to serve each student fully whether they are beginners, working with injuries, or adept practitioners. Andrea delights in weaving humor, strong alignment and practical applicability into her classes that help her students’ yoga practice build. By integrating the tools of the Universal Principles of Alignment, therapeutics, and some good old curiosity, she moves her students’ bodies, minds and hearts towards a place of experiencing their own potential greatness (and humanness) on the mat and maybe in their world.

She is profoundly grateful to all her teachers for their gifts of Grace, wisdom and ability to make the work so much fun. She especially thanks her teachers Stacey Rosenberg, Abby Tucker, Noah Maze, Christina Sell and John Friend for making this path to the heart such a joy.

When Andrea isn’t teaching publicly, she runs around with her vibrant and very funny 4 year old daughter Bija, enjoying all the playful and deep teachings of this life. She even manages to practice on the mat daily, read an occasional book, surf all the happenings on Facebook and play with her furry cat Cola.

“I am *so* fortunate to have found Andrea for a teacher.  I am very impressed by her ability to teach each individual how to achieve the most (s)he safely can, while still keeping everyone engaged in a shared and supportive group dynamic.  As result, I feel safe trying anything she asks of me, and often I can do more than I expected.  With her cheerful attitude and obvious affection for all her students, Andrea is a gem.”

Vickery K.