Hannah Gould

Vinyasa Flow, Strength & Mobility Flow


Hannah received her certification as a yoga teacher in 2005, and since then she has enjoyed sharing yoga with children and adults in a variety of settings. Hannah’s approach to yoga is warm and welcoming to participants of all abilities. Her classes emphasize building strength and confidence, developing internal awareness and accessing states of deep relaxation. Hannah also teaches adaptive yoga classes for adults with physical and cognitive disabilities. She has a background in special education and completed an adaptive yoga teacher training with Matthew Sanford in 2014. Hannah specializes in teaching individuals with autism. Whether teaching “typical” or adaptive students, Hannah’s teaching is rooted in a deep appreciation of the natural wisdom of our bodies, the power of playfulness and the importance of meaningful connection to self and others.

“Hannah has a kind and calm demeanor, essential to the challenged kids she teaches in other venues as well as the women and men who attend her Yoga 1/Basics class at Laughing Dog. She carefully and thoughtfully explains each move and its value and often comes to class with an agenda to work on a certain part of the body. In fact, her classes are typically focused on parts of the body that people in the class that day may have injured or overworked. As someone used to a consistent Vinyasa flow, these weekly focuses challenge me to think about and stretch parts of me that have never been moved in just that way. I could compare her classes to physical therapy, yet they all contain the basic elements of yoga and fulfill my desire for a challenging and relaxing class. Hannah is a yoga teacher whose weekly class I would never miss!”

Marie K.

I Have been going to Hannah’s stress relief yoga classes for a couple of years now and every class leaves me feeling peaceful, calm, more positive and with a feeling of being able to cope with whatever challenges life is presenting to me at the time.  Hannah’s yoga classes are amazing in that they always seem to be exactly what we need at the time. The gentle restorative poses in Hannah’s class give me a chance to practice my mindfulness skills. While taking the deep breaths during the poses I notice my thoughts and sensations and how I can open up to relaxation and healing for my mind and body. Hannah has a calming presence that makes her class so calming, relaxing and healing.

Jude M