Diana Katsikaris



Field Hockey player, Marathon Runner, Lagree, Indo Water ROWing, Barre and Yoga certified, Diana strives to bring a unique flow to her BarreBlend classes, always embodying the principle: “Crave that Shake!” She does her best to make each and every class different, values client feedback, and has a passion for music, creating new playlists weekly. She loves using different props throughout class and is known for teaching a challenging, upbeat, and fun class that moves at a quick pace. Diana is a stickler for form and while the class may be busy, she takes pride and puts copious amounts of effort in giving each and every client individual attention. Diana currently teaches fitness classes in and around the Boston area, as well as is a college student studying Elementary Education paired with Developmental and Behavioral Child Psychology. She loves anything and everything related to healthy eating, and greatly enjoys traveling. Make sure to share any recipes or travel adventures with her before or after class!