Barre / Functional Training

Our Class Offerings

Barre Class, Laughing Dog Yoga
BarreBend/BarreBend Express

An intense total body workout that blends pilates, ballet barre, strength/core /flexibility training and yoga in order to condition, define and refine your body. It is different from other barre classes in that every class is unique and challenges you in new ways. Along w/ the ballet barre, the teachers also use a variety of props – 1-3 lb. weights, fit-balls, discs, dyna-bands to name a few – to add to the challenge and effectively sculpt and tone each muscle group. Set to great music, this class will UP your fitness level in a BIG way. Bring non-slip socks. All Levels

Classical Ballet Floor Barre

Combining the best of Ballet Stretch, Floor Barre, Classical Ballet Barre and Core Conditioning, this class incorporates time-honored principles of classical ballet with perineal floor and lower abdominal work to help develop supple, muscular and graceful bodies. Great for sports conditioning, this class offers intense and challenging fitness training. Bring non-slip socks. Level 2 – barre, ballet, dance or core conditioning experience recommended.

Full on Functional Training

Total body conditioning using weights, resistance bands and body weight. In this class we will focus on movement patterns and how they can be used to improve gait, stabilization, core strength, and mind body connectivity. Participants will learn how to layer movements and progress through all planes of motion to develop methods for success in and out of the class. All Levels